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How to use the GPS information given by myZen.tv?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and is used to tell you the exact position of a place on the globe. At least 24 GPS satellites orbit the earth twice a day in a specific pattern. They travel at approximately 7,000 miles per hour about 12,000 miles above the earth’s surface. Each GPS satelite constantly sends coded radio signals to the earth. A location on a map is given in reference to a grid system. On the USGS topographic map, which is characterized by large-scale detail and quantitative representation of places, you find two grid systems. These consist of the information about the latitude and the longtitude of the given location.

For example:

63°05’32.71 N 29°48’31.15 E

In all GPS information, the first two digits are the degrees, the second two correspond to the minutes and the last four are the seconds. The map is divided into 60 equal zones from West to East. The last six digits in the first line correspond to how many meters north (N) the place is away from the nearest grid line on the map. It is the same for the second line, but here it is east (E).

How to find the beautiful myZen.tv locations?

You can use the information through entering it into your GPS related technology, or simply by typing it onto the following page : http:// maps.google.com. Here you can find the exact location and places that are close to it.

How to use GMT information?

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is an absolute time reference that does not change with the seasons. It is the same as UTC that means Coordinated Universal Time. The GMT time zone, were it drawn by purely geographical terms, would consist of exactly the area between the méridiens 7°30’W and 7°30’E. 

Why is it this useful?

Knowing the exact GMT, you know the exact time where you and others are. For this you only need to know in which time zone to locate yourself.

The GMT corresponds exactly to the time in the United Kingdom, and Lisbon in Portugal. Most European countries are in the time zone of GMT + 1:00h, but also countries such as Albania and Norway. The next time zone is GMT + 2 :00h that includes countries such as Eqypt, Latvia, and Greece. GMT + 3 :00h consists of countries such as Kenya. Moscow, in Russia is located at GMT + 4 :00h. The time can aslo be substracted, for example New York (USA) is located at GMT – 5 :00h. Overall there are 24 different time zones, reaching from -12h till +12h.

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