E02 | Poh's Kitchen | Tasmanian flour

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  • Saturday 20th August at 18:30

Poh’s on the road in central Tasmania to discover the secrets of flour. At a beautifully restored flour mill in Oatlands, Poh meets baker Graham Prichard and discovers the delights of stone ground Tasmanian flour. After grinding her grain at the windmill, and then baking her very first loaf of sourdough bread, Poh takes more of her freshly milled flour to Gordon Ramsay’s former pastry chef, Tasmanian Alistair Wise. Alistair uses Poh’s flour to create his rich and delicate dessert of Puff Pastry with Goat Milk Ice-cream and Peaches. Always willing to get her hands dirty, Poh gets the job of milking the goat! Back in her kitchen and using flour she has brought home, Poh recreates a dish from her memory of visiting America as a 14 year-old. And her dish goes down as well with today’s 14-year-olds as it did when Poh was a girl.

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