E05 | Poh's Kitchen | Beer in the Alps

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  • Sunday 28th August at 18:30

This week Poh’s on the road to the Australian Alps. Poh first got interested in visiting this area on hearing that a bunch of charming little craft beer breweries have popped up in the area, taking advantage of the crystal clear mountain water and the locally grown hops. Recently Poh has really been getting into using beer as an ingredient, loving throwing in some beer instead of wine to give an extra bit of sweetness and complexity. Keen to find out more she talks to local brewers and then meets chef Antony Simone, a chef who is fascinated with beer and cooking. Anthony also represents the other thread that drew Poh to this Aussie alpine region and that’s the local Italian community. Italians here still keep up fantastic traditions like salumi or Italian smallgoods making. Originally from Umbria Anthony’s family run a local restaurant which combines the best of Italian tradition with a love of this mountainous region and its bounty. As well as talking beer and cooking Anthony teaches Poh the finer points of making salami and pancetta. Poh’s last alpine adventure is to go on a wild mushroom hunt in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia . Invited to lunch with the Simone family, Poh wants to take something and decides to use her local, wild mushrooms to create and cook an original wild mushroom spring roll recipe. The spring rolls go down a treat at lunch and there’s even time for Poh to take a sleigh ride in the freshly fallen snow.

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