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Outback Lamb
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This week Poh’s on the road to the sheep country of the Flinders Ranges in northern South Australia and it’s a trip of firsts - her first night sleeping under the stars in a swag and her first attempt at shearing a sheep. Sheep have always meant two things in Australia - meat and wool, so first up Poh successfully tries her hand at shearing with Jamie McTaggart, a former shearer and fifth generation sheep farmer. After her success with shearing, Poh follows the mustering of Jamie’s Dorper sheep, animals that have been specifically bred for arid country, not for their wool, but for their meat. With their diet of saltbush and native grasses these sheep produce a slightly seasoned and very clean tasting meat. In her first ever attempt to cook on a campfire, Poh uses the lamb minced to create an easy spiced lamb sausage and egg breakfast for Jamie. In turn Jamie shows Poh how to cook it up tandoori style. Cooked in a camp oven, Jamie serves his lamb with a refreshing fresh mint and coconut chutney. Travelling further north into the picturesque Flinders Ranges (country that Hans Heysen made so famous in his paintings), Poh arrives in Blinman which is situated in the highest part of the Finders. The only pub in town has an Italian owner, Tony Cutri, who uses lamb on his Greek style pizza that he serves to the locals every Friday night. After a great night with the locals (the entire town came) Poh gets a few pizza tips from Tony and then shares her love of lamb with her favourite moussaka recipe.

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