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Poh's Kitchen

Tastes of Thailand
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Having always been fascinated with Thai food, Poh starts her Thailand road trip in the northern city of Chiang Mai where tradition is revered and celebrated. It’s here that Poh learns about the basics of northern Thai cooking including how to prepare Khao Soi, the most famous of this region’s dishes. Poh’s version of the dish, her first attempt, gets the thumbs up from the locals and Poh is delighted. Next it’s Bangkok where food writer Chawadee Nualkhair also concentrates on the traditional by taking Poh to the famous canals of Bangkok to meet women of a Muslim community who produce Nam Prik. This chilli based condiment is in every Thai household and is the basis for many of their dishes. The women that Poh visits even supply their Nam Prik to the Royal Palace. In a twist on tradition, Poh then meets Australian chef Dylan Jones. Dylan and his Thai partner Bo are fast making a name for themselves in Bangkok. Their food is deeply indebted to the traditions of Thai cuisine. Bo is a keen student of traditional recipes but Dylan describes it as ‘simply our interpretation of Thai food’. That ‘interpretation’ has won rave reviews both locally and internationally. From the restaurant to the street and Poh’s last stop in Bangkok is to the famous street stalls of the capital. There are literally thousands of these food stalls and as Poh discovers the traditions of Thai food are kept as strong and delicious as ever.

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