E11 | Poh's Kitchen | Wild Beef

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  • Saturday 13th August at 18:30

This week Poh’s road trip takes her to W.A’s remote East Kimberleys – cattle country. Beef is something that Poh loves and, as she says in the program, she’s always dreamed of having the full-on outback cattle experience - and at Home Valley Station all her dreams come true. Famed as a location used by Baz Luhrmann in Australia, the huge Home Valley Station is run by the traditional owners and Poh gets down and dirty immediately by taking part in her first muster. On a horse called Mr T, Poh is quickly dubbed a “cowgirl” by JR, the pastoral manager teaching Poh how to muster. Home Valley also trains young Aborigines in areas such as stock work, tourism and hospitality. Tara Johnson, a trainee chef at the Home Valley kitchen, takes Poh to a croc-infested river to show Poh how the locals enjoy their beef. Beneath the breath-taking Cockburn range, Tara cooks sirloin steak on an open fire, using local bush ingredients to create a great dish that celebrates her home. On through this incredible landscape Poh then travels to Lake Kununurra where she meets Florian Johnen, a German who came to the Kimberleys as a backpacking chef and just never left. Set on the edge of the lake, the restaurant where Florian works is a converted pump house and - like his Beef in Potato Towers - it brings a wonderful layer of sophistication to this remote place. Perhaps Poh’s greatest joy in the Kimberleys is her discovery of Boab, especially the root, as an ingredient. Poh finds that it can be used in salads or cooked, and that it’s even farmed. Poh’s so impressed with it that she creates her own stir-fry to celebrate and showcase this Kimberley delicacy.

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