E03 | Poh's Kitchen | Singapore

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  • Sunday 21st August at 18:30

Poh’s on the road and this week she’s in Singapore, one of the great international food capitals of the world. With its modern and cosmopolitan style, Singapore is a place where chefs from all over the world (including Australia’s Tetsya Wakuda) ply their trade and Poh gets in amongst it meeting food loving ex-pat Antonia Kidman and food stars André Chiang and Janice Wong. Voted one of Asia’s top ten young chefs, André’s novel approach to food is amply illustrated when, with Poh, he turns a potato salad into a work of art. Janice Wong, who specialises in desserts, shows with her Chilli Chocolate Coral why her efforts to elevate the status of the dessert are receiving international attention. Poh also creates her own Singaporean dish – a Green Papaya and Peach Salad which so impresses a local hotelier he wants to put it on his menu.

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