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Salad with mussels and tiger shrimp | 00:04:00 mins

Saladeria – we make it almost every day and for all different reasons. It’s healthy and refreshing! Without salads, you’ve got neither a daily nor a festive table. There are the salads that everyone knows – such as “Caesar” “Greek” and “Caprese” – but there are also quite unusual combinations that you could pleasantly surprise your guests with. 100 recipes, wonderful tastes and views – you’ll see all of this in Saladeria!

Other episodes

S01 E01  | Exotic shot glass of mango avocado salad

S01 E02  | Islands tartar

S01 E03  | Cheesy and fruity salad

S01 E04  | Salad with mozzarella and tomatoes

S01 E05  | Forest shot glass with mushrooms and chicken

S01 E06  | Salad with scallops in creamy sauce

S01 E07  | Salad with mushrooms and orange dressing

S01 E08  | Layered mussels salad

S01 E09  | Italian salad with pasta

S01 E10  | Salad with potatoes and eggplant

S01 E11  | Salad with tofu and kiwi

S01 E12  | Salad with couscous and avocado dressing

S01 E13  | Salad with smoked chicken and red cabbage

S01 E14  | Salad with leek and anchovy sauce

S01 E15  | Salad with tomato sauce

S01 E16  | Caesar salad with chicken

S01 E17  | Salad with duck breast and kiwi

S01 E18  | Salad with original sauce and shrimp

S01 E19  | Salad with glass noodles and shrimp

S01 E20  | Salad with veal tartare and arugula

S01 E21  | Salad with poached egg and vegetables

S01 E22  | Salad with walnut paste and vegetables

S01 E23  | Salad with salmon and ginger sauce

S01 E24  | Carpaccio with salad

S01 E25  | Salad with guacamole and orange dressing

S01 E26  | Salad with hummus

S01 E27  | Salad with pastirma and omelette

S01 E28  | Salad with guacamole and salmon

S01 E29  | Salad with beans and tomato sauce

S01 E30  | Salad with beans and ham

S01 E31  | Vegetable salad with daikon

S01 E32  | Salad with mussels and grapefruit

S01 E33  | Salad with fried oyster

S01 E34  | Salad with cream cheese and krill meat

S01 E35  | Salad with shrimp in tomato sauce

S01 E36  | Salad with beets and camembert

S01 E37  | Salad with grilled eggplant and mozzarella

S01 E38  | Salad with veal carpaccio

S01 E39  | Salad with pastirma in a cheese basket

S01 E40  | Salad with avocado mousse

S01 E41  | Salad with scallops and cream cheese

S01 E42  | Salad with fried veal and cherry

S01 E43  | Vegetable salad with pomegranate dressing

S01 E44  | Salad with beaten cucumber

S01 E45  | Blanched vegetables salad

S01 E46  | Grilled vegetables micro salad

S01 E47  | Salad with chickpeas and grilled vegetables

S01 E48  | Salad with grilled artichoke and mozzarella

S01 E49  | Salad with feta and chickpeas dressing

S01 E50  | Rice curry noodles salad

S01 E51  | Salad with beets and spinach sauce

S01 E52  | Salad with couscous and pigtail cheese

S01 E53  | Salad with pickled mushroom

S01 E54  | Salad with mozzarella and beans

S01 E55  | Marinated mussels salad

S01 E56  | Salad with squid and mussels

S01 E57  | Salad with squid and fruits

S01 E58  | Tropical salad in pineapple basket

S01 E59  | Salad with pineapple sauce and veal

S01 E60  | Salad with duck breast

S01 E61  | Salad with mussels in tomato sauce

S01 E62  | Salad bouquet

S01 E63  | Salad with avocado and spinach

S01 E64  | Salad with shrimp and nuts sauce

S01 E65  | Potato salad with shrimp

S01 E66  | Salad with cucumber – apple dressing

S01 E67  | Salad tabbouleh

S01 E68  | Salad with grapefruit in balsamic sauce

S01 E69  | Salad with chicken and caramelized champignons

S01 E70  | Viking salad

S01 E71  | Salad with three sauces

S01 E72  | Salad with baked chicken

S01 E73  | Salad with tomato rolls

S01 E75  | Salad with fruits in yogurt dressing

S01 E76  | Salad with onion marmelade and ham

S01 E77  | Salad with mussels and beetroot chips

S01 E78  | Salad with warm potatoes

S01 E79  | Salad with yolk and grapes

S01 E80  | Salad with baked eggplant in mustard-honey sauce

S01 E81  | Salad with shrimp and anchovies

S01 E82  | Seafood salad

S01 E83  | Salad with cranberry jelly

S01 E84  | Salad with shrimp in kiwi sauce

S01 E85  | Salad with fried potatoes

S01 E86  | Veal souffle salad

S01 E87  | Salad with sea cabbage and sea bass

S01 E88  | Salad with tiger shrimp

S01 E89  | Salad sea scallops

S01 E90  | Salad with broccoli and sea bass

S01 E91  | Mixed seafood salad

S01 E92  | Salad with curry cabbage and sea bass

S01 E93  | Salad with chicken in mustard dressing

S01 E94  | Warm salad with poached egg

S01 E95  | Salad with pumpkin and pineapple sauces

S01 E96  | Vegan salad with beans

S01 E97  | Salad with quail eggs and mandarin sauce

S01 E98  | Salad with tangerine sauce and fried blue cabbage

S01 E99  | Salad with seafood and sea cabbage

S01 E100  | Warm salad with yogurt dressing

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