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Pierre Charpin, designer | 00:26:00 mins

Sweet, colorful, envied, you will discover the creations of Ladurée. Focus on a crunchy delicacy: The Macaroon. We will meet the French designer Pierre Charpin, between pencil strokes and blues strokes, discover a colorful character. “Ladies and Gentlemen, today in your town, the circus in all its forms! » a slightly off-beat tour of the ring, at the meeting point of the circus arts. Finally, if putting a tree in a bottle seems impossible, let's put a bonsai in a jar. This is the challenge of Green Factory!

Other episodes

S03 E01  | Sacha Walckhoff, artistic director of Christian Lacroix

S03 E02  | Olivia Putman

S03 E03  | Fred Le Chevalier

S03 E04  | Stéphanie Coudert

S03 E05  | Lise Guitton

S03 E06  | Catherine Muller & floral creation

S03 E07  | Olivier Saillard, fashion historian

S03 E10  | Christophe Pillet, designer

S03 E11  | Tin-Tin

S03 E12  | Christian Ghion

S03 E13  | Sébastien Gaudard

S03 E14  | Constance Guisset

S03 E15  | Pierre Banchereau

S03 E17  | Christophe Michalak

S03 E18  | Pierre Sauvage

S03 E19  | Charlie Le Mindu

S03 E20  | Inès de la Fressange

S03 E22  | Astier de Villate

S03 E23  | Cédric Grollet

S03 E24  | Sonia Reff

S03 E25  | Dorothée Meilichzon

S03 E26  | Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

S03 E27  | The North Pipe

S03 E29  | Smuggler

S03 E30  | Secrets of History in Paris

S03 E31  | Alix Loca’s jewelry

S03 E32  | Saint Germain

S03 E33  | Alain Passard

S03 E34  | Stéphanie Le Quellec

S03 E35  | Marie-France Cohen

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