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S01 E03
The skinny episode
"Stay fit", "Throw off the extra pounds" : these are the most common subheadings in magazines. In Herbarium, we do not advise you about how to practice sport and how often or what you can eat or not. But we are going to show you how herbs can be used to exercise well. There is nothing better for your body! Final goal : to look good in your swimsuit this summer, and in indoor pools this winter! First of all, Catherine and Linda will present you a strawberry-based diet cure : strawberry-basil tea, strawberry polenta and strawberry gazpacho, one of Linda's favorite dishes! Catherine will prepare a tea with dried herbs for a good digestion, but she will also show you how to grow herbs and the different contributions that result from the mixtures. Inspired by America and its fermented vegetables, we will make vegetable "pickles": tomatoes, garlic, thyme and olive oil. The main course will be turkey stuffed with herbs, potatoes and fennel. And to finish well, we are going to add some more little things like our famous Swedish liqueur...

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