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S01 E11
The last episode explains how to make a Christmas meal in the spirit of "old times". Linda, Catherine and Jim will produce a candy sweetener for you directly from sugar beet. Then Linda will present us a muffin recipe. Note that the muffins will taste better if you let them rest until the New Year! In the last episode we saw how to make medicinal plants on Christmas Eve. This means that you still have time to change your Christmas menu until the last minute! Instead of the traditional potato salad, why not try something different? But first, let's start by making sweeteners for the candies. We will use this product as the basis for the gingerbread made by Linda's grandmother Emilie. Finally, we will make Rosehip, which is the best vitamin C diffuser to resist winter! At the end of the episode, we will serve cabbage soup with dried fruit and black carp with potato dumplings on the Christmas table. We invite you to come and taste the menu of Luba Skorepova, a very famous Czech actress who is one of the few to remember the tradition and the old times! We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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