Looking for a destination for your next holiday? Have you thought about England and more specifically the Valley of Rocks? Zoom in on this incredible place located in the South West of England.

A unique and exotic place

The Valley Of Rocks is a timeless piece of land in north-east Devon. A place where the low, heavy skies meet the foam of the waves crashing on the rocks. The mountains have been sculpted by the weather to give way to tall geological formations caressing the clouds.

So there is something magical about the Valley of Rocks. It is as if time has stood still to make way for nature and silence. A silence disturbed only by the wind blowing from Wales, the lapping of the waves and the bleating of goats.

How do I get there?

To get to the Valley of Rocks, allow 10 hours by car from Paris and 8 hours by car from Lille. Once in England, follow the signs to the small village of Lynton. Be sure to pay for parking before enjoying the ride (£3)!

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