Ready for season 4 of My Zen People ?

See you every weekend at 1:50 pm and 8:15 pm (UTC+1) on MyZen TV to discover new episodes of My Zen People! This season, the show focuses on the stories of women who had the courage to follow their passion and give up everything to start a new project. Discover Zaira, Ile, Agostina, Solenn, Sophie, […]

By Thursday, on MyZen TV: enjoy the documentaries “Inspiring Women”.

Get ready to meet bold, daring, tenacious, tough, intelligent women… “Women Inspiring” is a collection of 13 documentaries highlighting women with incredible stories.  They decided to change their destiny completely, whether by choice or as a result of a dramatic event that has upset their lives. Witness the freedom and optimism of these women who […]

Stay Home, Stay Zen

Now’s the perfect time to start or improve your mind-and-body exercise routine. Stay zen at home with these free yoga and Pilates workouts brought to you by MyZen TV! Pilates – Abs and flexibility These are exercises for balance that streamline the entire body. This exercise is practiced in a seated position. It will work you […]