E02 | | La Vallée aux Loups

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Planting, sowing and eating produce from the vegetable garden, or quite simply being surrounded by vegetation, are all on offer to viewers in this episode. Let's while away a little time together in the beautiful Vallée aux Loups estate, a vast green expanse of 63 hectares, famous for being the location of Chateaubriand's house. Featured items in this episode include the discovery of Chantal's environmentally friendly garden. Followed by a gardening lesson on mulching with the head gardener from Domaine de Courson. Afterwards, we fly to Montreal to explore a large house featuring several terraces. Later in the programme, we take a break from the garden to discover some healthy food, focusing on healthy and balanced recipes. And lastly, we're off to meet someone genuinely crazy about good food, the talented chef, Gaël Orieux.

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