E03 | Through your eyes | Catalonia

It’s a special region in Spain, proud of its history and difference. From the Ramblas of Barcelona to the Sagrada Familia, Sophie explores the most magical locations of Catalonia. Having such a unique privilege, Sophie will climb on the roofs of the fantastic cathedral imagined by Gaudi and meet Jordi, the architect in charge of finishing the construction… a colossal work that lasted over a century. Catalonia’s soul also consists of soccer. Sophie will be a supporter for the first time with Alexi, a friendly cab driver. She will even have a front row seat to watch an important FC Barcelona game in the finals of the European Cup. A victory that will put the entire city in turmoil ! But it’s especially the amazing « castell » tradition that Sophie and Pongo will share with the Catalans : real human pyramids, symbols of defiance and fraternity. Uniting with the « castellers », Sophie will discover Catalonia’s entire soul.

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