E02 | Through your eyes | Camargue

Camargue is the land of horses, marshes, birds… but also a region with a strong identity, its emblem is the wild and dangerous animal that Sophie will have to tame : the bull. Sophie and Pongo meet up with manadiers, which are bull tamers. Historically, horses are manadiers’ best allies in their daily work with animals. Thanks to Nina, outstanding rider, Sophie will firstly learn how to ride a horse, and then will enjoy long rides across the plains of Camargue. There she will see thousands of birds, including the noblest one of all, the pink flamingo which is housed in these marshes. With a passionate ornithologist, Frederic, Sophie will learn how to recognize bird cries and their strange meanings. Finally, beside Thierry, a manadier who owns 400 bulls, Sophie will have the chance to closely approach one of these cattles. And, as a sign of honor, she will touch their horns and hang manad colors on them, because every Sunday, Thierry makes these animals race in the arenas of villages of Camargue : an unforgettable race between man and animal, a sporting challenge very different from bull fights, where the winning bull is celebrated and rewarded by the entire village.

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