E09 | The Ambassadors of Hope | Noémie Lenoir and guide dogs for blind people

Noémie Lenoir, an international model, is also an ivolved ambassador of the French Federation of Associations of Blind Guide Dogs. A few years ago, Noémie Lenoir went with her family to the open day of the Paris guide dog school. Sensitive to the issues surrounding disability and passionate about animals, she became interested in these fabulous four-legged guides. Seduced by the remarkable work of the association, she offered to become its ambassador. From Paris to the Auvergne, with visually impaired people, canine educators and foster families for these adorable puppies, Noémie Lenoir makes us discover the fabulous destiny of these exceptional dogs. Carefully selected, raised with love, wonderfully well trained, one day they will become the eyes of their masters.

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