E07 | Kirstie's Fill your house for Free | Special episode

This program is not currently available

In this special programme Kirstie Allsopp and her team of free pioneers – Max McMurdo, Lee Baker and Charis Williams – will give us a room by room guide to some of their favourite furniture transformations and upcycles – all at a fraction of a cost they would be to buy new. Along the way we’ll all learn the simple tricks of the trade so everyone is armed with the arsenal of knowledge to do it for themselves. We’ll show that by saving or sourcing old miss matched drawers you can create a totally unique and wonderful dressing table; by salvaging old battered coffee tables you can conjure up an ingenious shelving installation that you will never see in a high street store and that old doors can make a bespoke headboard. The team will tackle the sitting room; the bedroom; the kitchen and the bathroom – with ideas, transformation and simple solutions to give any deadly boring home the free kiss of life. Forget free love, this special episode will prove one again that this is all about loving free !

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