E06 | Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby | Hacienda Vira Vira, Chile

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In this insightful and entertaining programme, Monica and Giles travel to South America to work in Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira - a unique hotel near Pucon, the adventure capital of Chile and gateway to the Andes and the country\'s Lake District. Nestled within a 23-hectare native park along the shores of Liucura River, the hotel overlooks an active volcano which regularly spews ash and lava. Monica and Giles meet Swiss hotel owners Claudia and Michael Paravicini, who left behind big jobs in finance and sales in Europe to pursue their dream of setting up a luxury adventure-themed hotel. They discover the delicate balance of working with the indigenous Mapuche community who own the land surrounding the hotel. With just 12 villas and six rooms, Vira Vira is a small boutique hotel that is big on luxury and adventure. Giles and Monica work alongside Greg to prepare a once-in-a-lifetime meal for hotel guests. In the hotel\'s helicopter they fly above the volcano to a location with a stunning view to set up and serve a special meal. The pair work alongside esteemed horseman Rodolfo, who takes them trekking through ancient Chilean forests on horseback. They meet chef Damian, who embraces the freedom offered by the hotel\'s organic farm and abundance of local Chilean produce. Damian uses skills acquired from years at the famous French Le Gavroche to transform dishes like Chilean sweet potatoes, crispy quinoa, green tomatoes and their own lamb into world-class recipes. The hotel has its own working farm on site, lovingly producing milk, yoghurt and all manner of dairy products to enhance the dining experience. Giles discovers that the farm is proud of its homemade Longaniza sausages, concocted using a secret recipe. And as a Swiss man, the prospect of a life without cheese was unbearable for Michael, who has gone as far as building a cheese factory next to the hotel that makes over 15 different types of cheeses entirely for Vira Vira guests to both enjoy and participate in making.

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