E07 | Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby | St Moritz, Switzerland

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In this Christmas special, Giles and Monica travel to Kulm Hotel, St Moritz. This Swiss Alpine hotel was the birthplace of winter tourism more than 150 years ago. The Kulm\'s owner, Johannes Badrutt, made a bet with summer guests that if they returned in the winter and didn\'t enjoy themselves he would pay for their stay. The guests stayed for the season - and a new industry of winter leisure and sports was born. The current managers of the Kulm (one of whom was born there!) try to embrace the hotel\'s history whilst finding new ways to attract younger generations. Giles launches into the traditional grand hotel\'s life by being fitted up for a bellboy\'s uniform to work alongside veteran head concierge Silvio. With 44 years at the Kulm under his belt, Silvio dispatches Giles to collect the luggage of departing guests with a plane to catch. Armed with no apparent sense of direction, Giles wrestles a brass trolley with a mind of its own through the warren of corridors and lifts, just about managing to deliver the cases intact.

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