E10 | Fresh Yoga | The Dance of Life


  • Wednesday 29th May at 16:20

  • Thursday 30th May at 8:20

  • Sunday 9th June at 8:20

An eternal restart. Every second that passes is a new opportunity to be even happier. At the end of this trip, Katy leaves with a lot of new experiences and teachings, imprints (samskaras) that no one can take away from her. The awakening that she acquired through her personal experience, implemented in her practice allows her to engrave the “lessons" which the Universe offers us in her heart at any moment. Daily life and habits make us lose our sense of the passage of time, so lets use our intelligence to realize that we are alive and that each second remains a new opportunity to live better, revealing our eternal dance and our loving heart. Let your being move to the rhythm of this session made of vinyasa (sequences of postures with breathing), sun salutation, towards postures of balance, to stretch then to Baby Natarajasana, the dance of shiva and shakti, creation of the Universe.

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