E08 | Fresh Yoga | Libido


  • Tuesday 16th July at 16:20

  • Wednesday 17th July at 8:20

  • Friday 26th July at 16:20

The supreme desire to create is inscribed in the depths of our beings, as a living species, and even more that of co-creating the very Essence of Life. So why is it this becoming a taboo subject and a problem for many couples today? Our organs and senses, as well as the consciousness that is intrinsically linked to them, are impacted by our culture and our way of life far from nature. Katy thus thought of this session as an opening of our joints, to relax our fascias, giving freedom to our organs to offer us their proper functioning and make life flow in us. Through these hip opening postures, our awareness focused on our lower abdomen and pelvic floor, emphasizing work with the pranayamas, we discover a routine of awakening the senses to fully enjoy it!

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