E09 | Fresh Yoga | Female Pleasure


  • Thursday 27th June at 16:20

  • Friday 28th June at 8:20

  • Sunday 7th July at 16:00

What is more beautiful than the natural human creature? This session is made to put aside the superficial and let our natural beauty dance. Katy allows us to dare to reveal our femininity to all, men and women, in all its creative dimension. Enjoy a harmony rediscovered by the transformation of your negative thoughts, born from the power of your fears, by relaxing and the happiness of being. We rediscover the ability to appreciate what nature offers us at every moment. To feed from the inside in order to radiate on the outside. What Katy offers us is the best way to regenerate your body as well as your mind. From grace to elegance, from strength to fluidity, from suppleness to lightness.

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Other episodes