E06 | Fresh Yoga | The Essential


  • Monday 24th June at 16:20

  • Tuesday 25th June at 8:20

  • Thursday 4th July at 16:20

Supreme happiness does not come from having it or from outer success but from the embodiment of our inner being. This inner being then gives us access to futile pleasure, pleasant experience, the very consequence of the embodiment of inner happiness. Our philosophy reveals aspirations, desires, while letting go of superficial needs. The return to our essence allows us to become aware of what we really need and not to waste time with what is inessential to us. This session gives us the opportunity to anchor ourselves in the essence, by feeling our balance and reactivating it. Perched in the trees, Katy was inspired by the force of the simplicity of Nature to create standing postures, revealing our potential, then giving us the strength to achieve our dreams and achieve what we really want.

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