E01 | Fresh Yoga | Love


  • Friday 19th July at 16:20

  • Saturday 20th July at 8:20

The very essence of mindful living. Through the ancient teaching of yoga and its tantric philosophy derived from Kahsmir Shaviism, we have the opportunity to recognize the essence of life. As Katy often says, let's relearn how to live in conscience, to wake up by saying thank you for a new day that is offered to us, to recognise our individual gifts, respecting all beings and all things. We are all interconnected individuals, coming from the same source, like a drop that is part of of the ocean of consciousness. This episode contains all the magic of Indonesian children, having kept all the purity of being, evolving in a natural environment, in tune with Nature and respect for our system. They know how to LOVE: to love oneself and to love others, without judgment. Their gaze simply filled with gratitude, offering real exchanges. Exchanges of simplicity, Love, life. It's up to us to follow their example. Only the internal rules exist, we come back to listening to our body by unusual movements, by opening the heart, the senses, by removing our blinders and in ourselves focusing on what we have deep inside our cells: THE NEED TO BE ALIVE.

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