E08 | Destination Happiness | Homie Streetwear for youth homelessness


  • Tuesday 28th May at 20:30

  • Wednesday 29th May at 11:40

  • Monday 10th June at 21:25

In this episode, we will meet Nick Pearce from the social enterprise Homie Streetwear who is doing his best to provide better futures for the homeless of Melbourne. Then, Adamo heads to an Emergency Department where he surprises some health professionals and take them to the Saltair Day Spa where they are pampered and treated as they truly deserve. Angie travels to the very special Lon Retreat on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria to find a luxury destination with a home away from home feels. We will also travel to a unique restaurant called Lentil as Anything who runs a business focusing on inclusion and social fairness.

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