E01 | Babette's Kitchen | Chayote


  • Tuesday 13th December at 15:20

  • Tuesday 13th December at 18:30

  • Saturday 17th December at 14:30

Not very famous in mainland France, the chayote is the delight of our compatriots from Mauritius, Reunion Island and the West Indies. Alternately called christophine, in honour to Christopher Columbus who discovered it when he arrived in the New World, darling or sousou or even mirliton, this anti-waste vegetable is eaten from the bulb to the leaves. If chayote is appreciated for its delicate taste, it is also recognized for all its slimming and cosmetic virtues. And yes, low in calories, chayote is a wonderful fat burner when consumed as juice on an empty stomach and is ideal for always having a flat stomach. This same juice can also be used as a lotion for glowing skin. In short, do not hesitate to consume chayote to pamper our palates, our skin and our figure.

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