E01 | My Perfect Family | Creative Clan

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In this inspirational and uplifting series, discover how children living with mental and physical disabilities live life to the full with the help of their families. Meet a single father raising two children with Down Syndrome, and learn how he set up their own family candle making business to provide his daughters with a future. Follow the day to day life of a six-year old girl battling both Cerebal Palsy and Epilepsy, and learn how three sisters unknowingly passed on a rare genetic condition called Fragile X to their children. From parents raising children with autism and cystic fibrosis to crohn's disease and and dyspraxia, discover the challenges, joys and complexities of being a full time carer. In this heart-warming series, My Perfect Family celebrates the fantastic parents who raise their children with a creative, pragmatic and positive attitude.

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