E03 | Earth from above | Defending water is defending life - Part 1

He takes us to Petra in Jordan. We discover how the Nabataeans became specialists in collecting rainwater, which they managed meticulously. Then, we find ourselves in Las Vegas, on the verge of a shortage, and in Amman, Jordan, to discover the daily difficulties linked to the shortage and rationing of water. In Israel, the Dead Sea is disappearing. Due to intensive agriculture, the Jordan River and other rivers no longer supply it with enough water. In France, the Loire is for nature lovers, today a multitude of species have come to recolonise the river, including the famous wild salmon. In Jordan, in the red desert of Wadi Rum, we meet Khaleel Maiteq, who shares with us his life and that of his animals in a desert environment where water is a very rare commodity.

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