E06 | Earth from above | The sea needs us as we need the sea - Part 2


  • Monday 10th April at 15:20

  • Monday 10th April at 18:30

  • Saturday 15th April at 21:20

The oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface. The sea is the largest natural environment on our planet and remains virtually unexploited. In Brittany, in the Seven Islands. Then in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, in the middle of a sea of green algae. In Brittany, intensive agriculture has developed over the last thirty years. In New Caledonia, the coral reef is the second largest in the world and could be threatened by the construction of a nickel mine. In Normandy, in the Botanical Garden of Vauville, an extraordinary garden has plants from all over the world. Also in the Archipelago of Chausey in Normandy with the highest tides in Europe. Or the Mont Saint Michel. As a result of silting up and man-made works, the Mont was no longer an island. In Italy, in Venice, on the verge of drowning, major development work, industrialisation and tourism have upset the environment. In New Caledonia, flying over the heart of Voh is surrounded by the largest lagoon in the world. 24,000 km2 protected by a coral reef.

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