You want to get back into sport but you don't know how to go about it? MyZen TV gives you 3 tips to get back into sport.

Set a goal

Many people start sport once again without a goal in mind. Before you start running, remember why you want to do sport: to lose weight? To let off steam? To reduce back pain?

The reasons are different, but there are no small objectives: define a training programme for yourself.

Be sure to surround yourself with the right people

In order to resume a sporting activity, you need a training schedule adapted to your objective. Why not call on the services of a certified sports coach? A few sessions of personal coaching are ideal for getting off to a good start. With or without a coach, it's important to check your physical condition regularly.

Fun and variety to get back into sport

Making good resolutions and taking up sport again is a good thing, but you should also enjoy yourself and vary your sports sessions. Swimming, endurance, weight training, tennis, football: vary the pleasures!

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