Do not leave the water running when brushing your teeth. Take showers instead of baths. Sort your waste… Most of us already do it naturally! These small everyday ecological gestures are now part of our lifestyle. Due to the alarm bell that has been rung on global warming. But we can go further! MyZen TV invites you to discover 6 eco-friendly actions to make our world more sustainable.

Creating your own compost


If you have a garden, or even a small balcony, you should think about creating your own compost. Fill it with your natural waste, such as peelings, coffee grounds, tea leaves, etc. Collect it every 6 months to a year and you will get a perfect fertilizer for your garden. If you don’t have one, there are many alternatives created by municipalities that invite residents to participate in making their city greener. Ask your local council for more information! So, let’s all get composting!

Use natural cleaning products

natural cleaning products

Simple, harmless and above all ecological, the products that our grandparents used for cleaning should be used more to protect our environment. Black soap or white vinegar for your surfaces, bicarbonate of soda for the bathroom, Marseille soap for laundry: all alternatives to the environmentally polluting products that you can get at the supermarkets. Your wallet and our beautiful planet will be grateful!

Use natural cleaning products

Local fruit and vegetables
eco-friendly actions

It seems obvious, but it is not always easy to know which fruits and vegetables are in season to avoid products full of conservatives, or those that have travelled around the world to end up on your plate. Consuming in a short circuit means supporting local producers and sellers !

Collect one piece of waste per day


This is one of the small eco-friendly actions of daily life that doesn’t require much effort. When you’re out in the streets or in the countryside, it’s hard not to notice the rubbish and other packaging strewn about… What if you challenged yourself to pick up at least one piece of rubbish every day? You can put it in the nearest waste bin, to prevent it from getting stuck in a manhole or in the gullet of an animal. The small gestures of each of us make the planet of tomorrow!

Promote environmentally friendly hygiene products

Bamboo brushes
eco-friendly actions

Bamboo or refillable toothbrushes, solid shampoo, reusable cotton buds, make-up remover flannels… These ecological finds are multiplying on the market.

Go for the bike

eco-friendly actions

It is a standard for all those who want to reduce their impact on the planet. Biking is the best way to get around in your daily life. Whether you’re commuting to work, shopping (it will prevent you from buying water packs!) or just walking, cycling is great for your health and for the planet.

You now know the eco-friendly actions to adopt on a daily basis! The aim of these alternatives is to preserve the environment and make your daily life easier… So, are you ready to take the plunge?

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