1) A powerful anti-inflammatory

The pomegranate is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and is also good for digestion. Indeed, it prevents bloating and difficult digestion. Perfect to consume after big meals.

What's more, pomegranate also has antibacterial properties: it could protect against infections and occasional inflammation of the mouth.

2) Antioxidant properties

Known for its antioxidant properties, pomegranate has even stronger effects than green tea.

In addition, it prevents chronic and cardiovascular diseases and delays the progression of certain cancers such as colon and prostate cancer.

Pomegranate even has effects on neurological disorders such as degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's!

3) Prevents skin problems

Thanks to its richness in vitamins B and C, pomegranate helps to make the skin more beautiful and to repair it when it suffers from problems like acne or stubborn scars.

In addition, pomegranate is also a powerful natural anti-ageing agent, fighting dark spots.

How to eat pomegranate? 

In juice, in smoothies, in salads or just by eating the fruit naturally... there are different ways to consume it!

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