By Thursday, on MyZen TV: enjoy the documentaries “Inspiring Women”.

November 4, 2020

By Thursday, on MyZen TV: enjoy the documentaries “Inspiring Women”.

Get ready to meet bold, daring, tenacious, tough, intelligent women…

“Women Inspiring” is a collection of 13 documentaries highlighting women with incredible stories. 

They decided to change their destiny completely, whether by choice or as a result of a dramatic event that has upset their lives. Witness the freedom and optimism of these women who have chosen to live their lives one day at a time, and have taken that first step. in the unknown – testing their own limits and pushing boundaries when everyone told them it was impossible. Jackie, Ally, Kyra, Katherine, Kira, Carole, Sofia, Margarita, Lisa, Andriana and many others… discover every Thursday evening on MyZen TV the portraits of Inspiring Women at the extraordinary journey. 


Between climbing a mountain in Wyoming (USA), fighting plastic dumps, an Ultra-trail in the Pyrenees, paragliding in Poland… meet these inspiring women who fear nothing and believe more than anything in their life’s purpose. The surpassing of oneself and mental strength are important to them.

“Inspiring Women” – every Thursday 7PM (UTC+1) on MyZen TV

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