Set in the heart of the Borneo jungle and on the mystical shores of Bali, Phil & Iva embark on unforgettable adventures in search of more Dreamcatchers. From a young American entomologist to a Malaysian artist or a Swiss aid worker, all these inspiring people share their stories in the hope of encouraging others to pursue their own dreams. As Phil and Iva travel by land, air and sea, they discover the local culture of each destination and put their limits to the test. Facing some of their toughest challenges to date, they conquer mountains, learn how to surf and push their diving skills to the next level. ⛵

The collective stories of these amazing Dreamcatchers leave a lasting and heartwarming impression, and is proof that everyone has the capacity to make their dreams a reality! ✨

Monday to Friday at 8:00pm (UTC + 1) ?