Of course, the festive season can be wonderful, but sometimes it also brings its share of stress. Here are our top tips for staying calm and making the most of this joyous time.

Plan: Anticipate! Prepare your shopping lists, the gifts you have to offer and the activities you'd like to do.

Set realistic expectations: Holidays are never totally perfect, and that's okay! Accept that things may not go exactly to plan.

Set limits: Learn to say no if you feel overwhelmed by the demands of those around you. Your well-being comes first.

Practice yoga: A few minutes of meditation or deep breathing can go a long way towards calming your mind.


Take care of yourself: Make time for yourself. Exercise, eat well and get enough sleep.

Call on a support network: Talk to the people closest to you if you're feeling overwhelmed. A simple conversation can go a long way.

Find pleasure in the little things: Whether it's a cup of hot tea, an evening stroll or soothing music, enjoy the little things.

Be present: Focus on the moment and enjoy time with loved ones.

Remember what's important: Holidays are all about celebrating love, friendship and sharing.


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