In May, home & garden are featured on MyZen TV. Learn new tips for gardening but also for feeling better in your home.

On the programme :  

  • André Le Nôtre, gardener of King Louis XIV
  • New fitness workouts : Training for a Strong Back
  • MyZen Time-off : In/Out

André le Nôtre, gardener of King Louis XIV

Wednesday 18th May at 6.30pm

André Le Nôtre was the first gardener to be ennobled by a king. In 1637, King Louis XIII guaranteed Le Nôtre that he would continue in the office of his father and he became the first gardener of King Louis XIV, from 1645 to 1700. Le Nôtre was the creator of many “French formal gardens” in France and abroad. His notable tasks included conceiving and laying out the parks and gardens at Château de Chantilly, St Germain en Laye and of course Versailles. But his first masterpiece would be made for Nicolas Fouquet, the Finance Minister of King Louis XIV who was very much in favor at the time.

New fitness workouts : training for a strong back

May 7th onwards, every Saturday at 9am - NEW PROGRAMME

This program offers you a complete body workout to stay in shape and build muscle. Abs, glutes, thighs, back... There are exercises for everyone and for every body part you want to work on. It will help you relieve the stress of everyday life and feel better in your body.

MyZen time off : IN/OUT

May 8th onwards, every Sunday from 4.30pm to 6pm

Take some time for yourself by discovering our new weekly event: MyZen Time-off. An opportunity to (re)discover our programmes! In May, MyZen TV offers you a special selection In/Out - from the living room to the garden.

On the programme : 

  • The best of French craftsmanship is to be discovered in French Version.
  • Decorative ideas to redesign your home with Of houses and ideas.
  • Be inspired by the design and decorating tips that these families have installed in their homes with Parisian Style.
  • Discover David Jeannerot, who left the fashion world and gave up his career as an art director to become a flower seller in My Zen People.
  • The countryside comes to the city with the greening of urban space in Cities Turn Green.