Today we celebrate International Yoga Day on - Official with 100% of yoga programming!

Here is a selection of our highlights of the day:

▹Fresh Yoga season 2: Yoga exercises with our coach Katy Misson at 8:00AM (2 episodes), 1:00PM (1episode), 10:00PM (1 episode).

▹My Zen People season 2: Discover the daily life of the people who have left everything behind to live their passions fully at 0:30PM (2 episodes) and 6:00PM (2 episodes).

▹Yoga Girls: Follow the daily Yoga teachers’ life in Venice, Los Angeles at 2:00PM (2 episodes) and 7:30PM (2 episodes).

▹ Yoga Exercises: Enjoy an hour and a half of non-stop yoga exercises to relax yourself at 4:30PM.

And of course, many other programs on the theme of Yoga throughout the day will allow you to go further in your practice with MyZen TV!