New Year and New beginnings!

The well-being channel MyZen TV is happy to commence the new year by launching on the pay TV platform Turksat from Jan 1st 2021.
MyZen TV has launched its HD signal on Turksat in Turkey on January 1st 2021 in “Upper Package” and EPG number 356. MyZen TV is a worldwide lifestyle network offering a wide range of programmes, from health and wellness, food and cooking shows, to travel and family entertainment. The signal is available in full HD.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our channel MyZen TV on Turksat. We are very pleased that MyZen TV is now present in Turkey on yet another grand platform which shows that the Turkish audience connects well with our content.
Our channel continues to provide its viewers an enriching and cheerful experience by designing thematic shows around health, fitness, well-being, travel, nutrition and some family entertainment.” commented Nela Pavlouskova, Managing Director of MyZen TV.

“We are happy MyZen TV is carried by Turksat Kablo, the biggest PayTV operator in Turkey. In 2021 we are planning to increase this unique channel’s distribution in the territory.” Says Ibrahim Altinsay, CEO of ALTINSAY FILMWORKS.