On Thursday, May 30th, discover a new documentary on MyZen TV: The Superpowers of the Bear.

In the mists of the Swedish taiga, a team of doctors and scientists are on the trail of brown bears, following them to their dens. Their mission is incredible: to collect blood and tissue samples and carry out a series of medical tests on the hibernating bears.

Their objective? To understand the exceptional resistance of these mammals, in order to find a cure for common human health problems.

Today, osteoporosis, muscular atrophy, obesity, cardiac and renal deficiency are rife in society. Does the physiology of bears hold unknown therapeutic solutions to these modern-day illnesses?

The documentary features breathtaking, never-before-seen footage: tracking bears by helicopter, discovering dens and extracting animals, 3D scans and heart scans on bears asleep in the wild. Other sequences show research in prestigious institutions through cutting edge equipment, with animals being treated with great care and respect by professionals.

Will the bear put science on the tracks of new treatments for illnesses of today’s society? Find out tomorrow on MyZen TV.