E09 | My Zen Trendy | Turtle Conservatory Center


  • Friday 3rd February at 15:20

  • Friday 3rd February at 18:30

  • Monday 13th February at 13:26

Breathtaking views, quality products and two impressive initiatives. That's what is ready for you in this episode. A first step takes us to Fabien's winery, 'the Ojai Vineyard'. This place in the heart of Ojai's nature combines the best of California production with an unexpected 'French touch' by bringing his equipment from France. We then visit 'The Turtle Conservatory Center', a reserve where rare species of turtles gather from around the world. Respectful of their needs and living conditions, this center is a haven of peace for turtles and Val, who will definitely come back here on her day off.

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