E40 | Luana's Kitchen | Duck


  • Thursday 30th May at 21:25

  • Sunday 2nd June at 14:00

In this episode, Luana Belmondo puts the duck in the spotlight. Who is better than chef Christian Etchebest to cook it? Together, they will prepare and exchange their respective recipes to reveal the best flavors. There are a thousand and one ways to cook a duck, it belongs to the category of poultry but its flesh with a much more pronounced taste is classified as red meat, it goes wonderfully with spices to best reveal the delicacy of its flesh. Luana will cook duck breasts with spicy honey and an ultra-melting mashed sweet potato. The Chef Christian Etchebest plays with different textures, he prepares marinated duck with pan-fried porcini mushrooms and foie gras, a sophisticated dish but easy to make.

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