E05 | Bonsai Bad Boy | Saviour or Saboteur


  • Saturday 4th February at 13:02

  • Sunday 5th February at 21:30

  • Thursday 9th February at 21:00

Masashi Hirao is building an entirely new brand, and a new art form: performance bonsai. His quest to push boundaries brings fresh challenges, which come to the fore as he heads to Kuala Lumpur to team up with unconventional Malaysian realist painter, Lee Mar. Little goes to plan and the event strains both artist’s talents to the limit. But the challenge is nothing compared to the test when his radical approach wins him an invitation to the international Bonsai Without Borders Summit in China: 75 world-class Bonsai Masters from 35 countries. The bonsai bad boy has officially arrived on the world stage. It is the ultimate test in front of the most critical audience possible.

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