E05 | Julie's Frenchy Cookbook | The Country of Le Mans


  • Tuesday 30th May at 15:20

  • Tuesday 30th May at 18:30

  • Saturday 3rd June at 14:30

It is in the heart of the Sarthe that Julie begins her new tour. Located in the Pays de la Loire region, the Sarthe department is the gateway to the French Grand Ouest. In the Haut Maine region, Le Mans is a city of art as well as a historic city, which played a decisive role in the development of the automobile. The country of Le Mans is distinguished by the diversity of its heritage, having kept in its stones the imprints of all eras. This region is notably renowned for its poulet de Loué, its capon and many other regional specialities. Let's go for a real Sarthe gourmet journey, with veal rouelles à la mancelle, roast poularde and seasonal fruit tart.

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