E08 | Julie's Frenchy Cookbook | The mushroom route


  • Saturday 22nd June at 22:25

  • Thursday 4th July at 21:50

Today, Julie takes us on a mushroom tour. There is nothing better to occupy your weekends than a walk in the forest in search of edible mushrooms. Some species, such as the cep or the chanterelle, can be preserved very well in the freezer or, for the more patient, in jars. We will also meet two chefs who are passionate about mushrooms and have become specialists in the subject: Franck Quinton and Régis Marcon. But for the moment, we're on the road, discovering typically French dishes with astonishing button mushrooms in Touraine, morels in the Jura, ceps in Gironde, russules charbonnières in Normandy and coulemelles in Auvergne!

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