E11 | Julie's Frenchy Cookbook | Game season

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  • Thursday 30th May at 21:55

  • Friday 31st May at 13:30

We headed to the Loir-et-Cher for a hunt supervised by the ONCFS teams. Let's go to the Vosges to cook a tasty deer jig with Mauricette. Let's meet Pierre in the Côte d'Or where he makes hunting horns, an essential tool for hunting. Julie will also meet two hunters from Gironde for a very original afternoon of hunting by the barrel before joining Joël in Aquitaine for another game bird recipe. We will then talk with Laurent about the job of dog trainer. This time it will be Frédéric Robert who will concoct a recipe for hare rubbed with cocoa and cooked in a clay sarcophagus.

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