E03 | Reset | France, Le Bruit de l'eau


  • Wednesday 11th October at 15:20

  • Wednesday 11th October at 18:30

  • Saturday 14th October at 11:15

In this episode of Reset, we take you to “Le Bruit de l'eau”, an ecolodge nestled in the heart of the Baie de Somme nature reserve, in France. In the middle of nature, discover a place of absolute serenity inspired by the Japanese lifestyle and the travels of a great reporter, its founder. The intimate atmosphere that reigns at Le Bruit de l'eau (The Sound of Water) envelops you in a soothing calm, creating a cocoon made for relaxation and personal rejuvenation. This ecolodge allows us to cultivate awareness of the present moment and to open up to a fulfilling perception of our environment. Le Bruit de l'eau opens the doors to a transformative experience, where beauty of the natural environment merges with quest for serenity.

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