E02 | Reset | Greece, Euphoria Retreat


  • Saturday 7th October at 11:15

  • Sunday 8th October at 19:00

In this episode of Reset, embark on a transformative journey to Euphoria Retreat. A mystical place offering a holistic approach to well-being aimed at restoring balance between body, mind and soul. After a long struggle with illness, its founder embarked on a personal quest to find balance. An in-depth reflection which resulted in the creation of a place where one could share and transmit this method of well-being. Euphoria Retreat is a clever blend of Taoist and Hellenic philosophy based on the symbolism of the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Ancestral wisdom and scientific advances offer a transformative immersion in self-discovery. The tools developed by Euphoria Retreat allow everyone to become their own healer.

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