E04 | Reset | Italy, Palazzo Fiuggi


  • Wednesday 18th October at 15:20

  • Wednesday 18th October at 18:30

In this episode of Reset we discover Palazzo Fiuggi, a haven of well-being located in the heart of the natural springs of Fiuggi, famous for their purifying and healing powers. The Palazzo was born from the vision of a science and health enthusiast. This historic place of well-being offers exclusive medical-scientific therapies combining the healing properties of water with advances in Western medicine and alternative medicines. Upon arrival, a team of specialists carries out a targeted diagnosis to create a personalized protocol, rebalancing the mind, body and soul, with a simple promise: offering a longer and better-lived life. A constantly evolving method, between ancestral wisdom and innovation, where the Palazzo Fiuggi medical spa presents an avant-garde wellness experience, integrating cutting-edge technologies to understand and analyze individual needs, but also to support physical regeneration. This integrative approach goes beyond the simple treatment of symptoms, seeking to heal the body, mind and soul as a whole, thus elevating the concept of spa treatment to a new level.

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