A Chef on Tour

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A CHEF ON TOUR takes us on a voyage of discovery to meet some of China's greatest chefs and watch them in their kitchens. Our guide ? Talented young French chef: Laurent Peugeot. The goal of this adventure? To discover how the most exotic flavor are prepared by Laurent's top favorite chefs to bring the worldwide best techniques in France. During this tour, Laurent will stay in the Szechuan region during 6 weeks. This stop will be the opportunity for him to meet the Top Chinese chefs, Top Chinese products and culture. During 6 weeks, Laurent will meet the 6 best Chinese chefs to discover their secrets, their cultures and their technique. As we follow Laurent on this long journey, each episode will give us a chance to discover a new town, its inhabitants, the people who produce its food, its crops and its special flavors. Will Laurent manage to bring back the best Chinese products and techniques? Let's tour the best Chinese kitchens to have the answer!


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